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Bringing Amazing Flavor To Your Table!

At Perfect Blends we are thrilled to bring amazing flavor to your table!
Our handmade, authentic gourmet sauces and spice blends are crafted using traditional Haitian recipes and only the highest quality ingredients. We take pride in using organic vegetables, herbs, and spices in our products, ensuring that you enjoy a truly exceptional culinary experience.
One of our core commitments is to provide healthy and natural alternatives for enhancing the flavor of your favorite meals. That's why our sauces are free from harmful preservatives, added chemicals, and common allergens such as gluten, dairy, and nuts. Our vegan-friendly blends are designed to cater to a wide range of dietary preferences.
With our versatile blends, you can elevate your everyday meals to extraordinary culinary experiences. Whether you need a base, glaze, marinade, tenderizer, dip, dressing, or condiment, our sauces deliver exquisite goodness in every jar.
Our specialty blends are a must-have addition to your seasoning collection, whether you're a professional chef or an everyday home cook. The mind-blowing deliciousness of our all-natural gourmet sauces and spices will elevate your creations to new heights. Discover the difference 
Perfect Blends can make and unlock the extraordinary flavors that await your taste buds.
Join us in embracing healthy cooking and eating. Perfect Blends is here to revolutionize the way you enjoy sauces and spices.



Tamara Deguerre



Perfect Blends originated from wonderful memories of my youth. My beloved grandmother raised me in New York City on the Upper West Side. We spent a lot of time in the kitchen together, where I would often assist her. My main task was to cut and combine a variety of fresh herbs such as parsley and scallions, and different spices such as scotch bonnet pepper and cloves in a blender or a wooden mortar. I would grind those ingredients, using a pestle to mash them into a paste.
This paste was added to all the wonderful meals she created in the kitchen. I recall the delightful aroma of these blends of herbs and spices while cooking on the stove. It was during those treasured moments with my grandmother I learned the origin of the recipes and cooking methods of our homeland, Haiti. She would tell stories about her childhood, the different lessons she learned. The benefits of wholesome cooking, living a healthy lifestyle, and using fresh herbs to balance one's diet were a must. Making her own seasoning ensured she was getting the right amount of salt and natural ingredients without sacrificing flavor. Surprisingly, she too had the same task in the kitchen as a young girl.
In many traditional Haitian homes, women would create their own 'Epis,' which means seasoning/spice in Creole & French. This method is the staple of Haitian cooking, combining a variety of fresh herbs and spices. These mixtures added a healthy, savory flavor to all their meals, which was essential to their health and everyday cooking. The Epis was used as a base to flavor soups, stews, marinated meats, fish, and sautéed all legumes.
Now married with children, I've kept those great memories and traditional recipes alive. As family and friends enjoy my meals made with these blends they rave about the unique authentic flavors their palates experience. They urged me to share my homemade creations with everyone who desires healthier options of seasonings and wants to add some zest to their everyday meals. I hope you enjoy!
Tamara Deguerre
Perfect Blends LLC


In loving memory of my beloved grandmother Marie Bouzi